(a) If you have a physical condition that makes it difficult to climb stairs, please be aware that all of our units have bedrooms on the second floor.

(b) In the extremely unlikely event that your unit should be rendered uninhabitable or unavailable (fire or other event beyond our control), our liability is limited to a refund of the pro-rated rent for time unused. If there are any problems in your unit upon arrival or during your stay, call (919) 636-2169 so that we can take corrective action. There are instructions to reach us 24 hours/day if the situation is urgent.

(c)  Our satellite TV service is very reliable, but can rarely be disrupted due to adverse weather conditions or other circumstances. DVD players are usually available for a small charge upon request.

(d) Any unit for which we determine that our non-smoking policy has been disregarded will be charged $250.

(e) In order to keep our rates low, please keep all doors and windows closed when the air conditioning or heat is in use.  Failure to comply will result in an extra utility charge at management discretion. (If you smoke outside, please make sure door is closed behind you and make sure that you don't lock yourself out.)  Additional charges made at management discretion for units left excessively dirty and/or damaged, failure to return keys, or other policy violations.   

(f)  Our cordless phones get best reception in the living room (bedroom for unit #1).  Calls to area codes 919, 984, 800, 866, 877, or 888 are free.   Long distance domestic calls may be made by dialing the 10-digit area code+phone number.  International calls are normally blocked but can be unblocked upon request.  International rates can be supplied upon request, and are usually less expensive than calling cards.  Directory assistance and other billable calls are also billed to guests.  Please inform us well in advance prior to departure if you have or will be making toll calls.   If your phone bill is paid prior to departure, domestic long distance is billed at 10 cents per minute.   If you do not arrange to pay prior to departure, domestic long distance calls will be charged to your card at $1/minute.   

(g) Our internet service is very reliable.  In the unlikely event of a service interruption, we will waive the daily fee for any days that the wireless service is unavailable for more than 5 hours from the time we are notified.

(h) We are not responsible for personal belongings or vehicles.  Chapel Hill is a small college town with infrequent crime.   Nevertheless, each unit is equipped with a security system for your peace of mind.   Our front doors are equipped with double-sided deadbolt locks in addition to your door handle lock.  This means that if you choose to lock the deadbolt from the inside, you would need a key to exit.  We therefore advise leaving a key in the deadbolt at night so that in the unlikely event of an emergency, you can exit without needing to look for your keys.

(i) Bunk beds (if in the unit) may be used at your own risk.  Do not run the ceiling fan if top bunk is used.

(j) It is our goal to provide you with comfortable, clean, and pleasant lodging for your time in Chapel Hill. In the unlikely event that you experience any problems, either upon arrival or during your stay, you must contact us in order to give us a chance to make it right.  This is particularly true if you feel a refund is in order.  No refunds can be granted if requested after your departure.

(k) Cancellation policy: Please note that we are not a motel. We reserve a condominium specifically for you.   If your travel plans are unsure, we advise waiting to make a reservation until your travel plans are confirmed.  We understand that events may occur that could prohibit you from keeping your reservation, such as weather or illness.  However, unlike hotels that maintain hundreds of rooms, ours is a very small establishment and short-notice cancellations usually result in a vacant unit.  We have made a commitment to you and often turn away other reservations when units have been reserved. With this in mind, we ask all guests to adhere to the cancellation policy below.  To avoid any loss if you are unable to keep your reservation, you can have peace of mind by purchasing inexpensive travel insurance at, but of course this is optional.  The most frequent use of this is to provide alternate accomodations for flight delays due to weather, which the airlines will not compensate for.

For May graduation, please click here.   For major sporting events (usually home football weekends), click here.  The same policies apply if you rent more than 1 apartment.  Otherwise:

If your reservation is for less than 14 nights

a) If you cancel more than 14 days prior to your arrival date, there is a $20 processing fee.  
b) If you cancel with 7-14 days prior to your arrival date, you will be charged for the length of your stay, but not to exceed 7 nights.  Half of this charge may be used as a credit towards a future stay within 1 year (stay must have a duration at least as long as your canceled reservation). 
c) If you cancel with less than 7 days notice prior to your arrival date, you will be charged for the length of your stay, but not to exceed 7 nights.

If your reservation is for 14 nights or longer

a) if you cancel more than 14 days prior to your arrival date, the cancellation fee is 1 week.
b) If you cancel 14 days or less prior to your arrival date, you will be charged for half of your stay.

If you shorten the length of your reservation, you are responsible for the cost of the extra days you cancelled, but not to exceed the cost of the overall cancellation fee described above.
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